Herculean Deluxe Wooden Market Umbrellas


  • S9DHCAC Herculean Deluxe Wooden Market Umbrella 2.7m Acrylic Canvas Canopy.
  • S11DHCAC Herculean Deluxe Wooden Market Umbrella 3.5m Acrylic Canvas.


If you want the best in wood frames, then this is it. Our Herculean is the ultimate. We use A Grade Kempas hardwood with Stainless Steel fittings and a canopy in Acrylic Canvas, which has a 5-year non fade guarantee. 5-year fade free guarantee on acrylic canvas fabric – Leather rib protectors on cover – Leather rope holder Indonesian A-Grade Kempas Wooden frame. – Solid stainless steel fittings – Wooden hub & runner. – ‘U’ bolt and bracket system for strength Brown resin coloured ferule. – Double pulley system for easier operation – 48mm 1 section pole Aluminium pole protection from the base – Minimum base 25kg for the 2.7m & 40kg for the 3.0m & 3.5m

Additional Details:

8 Ribs


Maximum Print Space Approximately : 580mmW x 400mmH


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